About Us

Grant Hill
Owner & Landscapes Manager
Tina Hill
Owner and Administrator
Taylor Hill
Owner & Cleaning Account Manager


Christal Clean Landscapes is a family-owned company that has provided outdoor services since 2016 for commercial and residential properties. After the launch of our sister company Christal Clean, son Grant Hill, decided to expand services to the lawn care needs by founding Christal Clean Landscapes.

Since then, CC Landscapes has grown from a one man operation to a full team of loyal employees serving year round landscaping needs from mowing to snow and ice management. Experience, attention to detail, quality, and steadfast loyalty to the vision and relationship to our clients continues to be the foundation of our business.

Our Mission Statement

Christal Clean Landscapes is a people focused service company. Our mission is to deliver dependable landscape services with excellence. We are driven to create a culture of feedback, accountability and integrity.

Our Core Values

  • Be Kind
  • Be Thankful
  • Be Honest
  • Own Your Work

Our Trusted Team

  • Grant Hill, Owner and Landscapes Manager
  • Tina Hill, Owner and Administrator
  • Taylor Hill, Owner and Cleaning Account Manager

Looking for a cleaning service for your business? Our sister company Christal Clean offers high quality and skilled services uniquely catered to your needs. Email Taylor for a list of services and a FREE Quote.

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